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    Answer by William H
    If you become the book, you can definitely make a living.

  2. What Im look for is a casino where I can watch a sporting event (hockey, baseball etc) have a few drinks with some friends and make live bets (how many goals in a period, runs in an inning etc).

    Does this kind of thing exist in casinos?

    If it does, does anyone know of any Casinos in Vancouver, Canada that offer this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Answer by pdqkemp
    Not sure about Vancouver, but in the US the only place that allows sports betting is Las Vegas. You can bet the horses in other places here, but not sports.

  3. I am really good at betting on fights and get mostly all of them right. Could i make a lot of money betting on mma fights on like bodog.com? Also if i bet on the favorite and win i will still make money right?

    Answer by Garland Garcia

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